EUROPEAN LEADERSHIP TEKNOPARK is opened with a ceremony

    Faculty members and students attended the ceremony. In the presentation made by Dr. Solmaz Ghaffarian Asl; The benefits of Technopark to our country and to our students were explained. After the presentation, the participants were served food and drink.


    As EUROPEAN LEADERSHIP UNIVERSITY, we know the value of technological investments very well, then we started to create the European Leadership Technopark Economy and Technology Development Zone in order to take advantage of technological opportunities.

    Our aim as European Leadership Technopark; It is to carry our country further in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation by analyzing the opportunities in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship more quickly as in the countries that are the pioneers of technopark. European Leadership Technopark will serve as units that enable faster spread and development of technology in our country.

    • Companies included in the European Leadership Technopark continue
    their activities by pioneering technological innovation.

    • The aim of the European Leadership Technopark is to support
    entrepreneurs and companies, contributing to their development and
    competitiveness, as well as an innovation purpose.

    • Being in the European Leadership Technopark has advantages such as
    having more innovative technology, being aware of new opportunities
    and new technologies.

    • At the country level, it has advantages such as giving the opportunity
    to open new business lines, contributing to the budget by increasing
    employment and bringing new technologies to the country.