TRNC Travel Advisory in relation to coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak 2


    1. All public officials working in the public sector except for police, fire brigade, health, civil aviation finance, and similar services will be considered on administrative leave until 27/03/2020. (All educational institutions will also suspend education until 27/03/2020)
    2. In the private sector, all shops, businesses, casinos, night clubs, bet offices, Entertainment centers, etc., except for businesses that produce services within the framework of meeting basic needs such as pharmacy, gas station, bakery, and market. places will be closed until 27/03/2020.
    3. It is obvious that within the framework of these two measures, a large number of our citizens will stay at home and will not feel the need to go out. On the other hand, as the government, we call for no one to go out to the street unless it is necessary. Also, depending on the developments within the next 48 hours, our Council of Ministers will evaluate the partial or full curfew under section 156.
    4. As of 14/03/2020, 02:00 until 01/04/2020, only TRNC citizens and persons who have legal leave in our country can enter the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus through land, sea and air border gates. Entries to the TRNC are prohibited until 01/04/2020.
    5. Regardless of which country they come from, our citizens and people on legal leave who enter our country through land, sea and air gates will be monitored and controlled at home for 14 days. For those who do not comply with this, legal action will be initiated under the Communicable Diseases Law No. 45/2018.
    6. Between 14/03/2020 and 01/04/2020, a decision was made to gather in associations, unions, and locales and not to perform mass worship.
    7. It has been decided to use Famagusta State Hospital as a quarantine hospital, and efforts have been increased to provide sufficient personnel, equipment and bed capacity and all kinds of facilities in our hospital.