Bachelor of Law


The Legal Faculty offers a four-year bachelor’s program that focuses on the Turkish legal system. The curricula closely parallel the law programs in Turkey. This program prepares students to understand and apply the law in a holistic way that connects theory and practice. As such, students learn how the legal system operates and the intricacies of national and international law. At the same time, they must understand the underlying ethics, values, principles that shape the legal system. Furthermore, because law is increasingly being practiced across national boundaries, students must take intensive English courses as part of the curricula. They will also take more theoretical courses intended to develop their critical analytical skills and communication skills, which will be necessary for their future work in the legal field. Students who graduate from the Faculty of Law can enter a wide number of professional career pathways. Most immediately, they can work in administrative offices, serve as legal clerks, and notaries. They can train to become lawyers, judges, and prosecutors, as well as work in political and administrative positions within the offices of governors, inspectors, and other bureaucratic positions. Finally, many of our graduates go on to work in the private sector in areas dealing with legal compliance and international trade.



European Leadership University Faculty of Law started offering Bachelor’s program in Law in the 2022-2023 academic year. For those graduates wishing to continue their academic studies at a higher level, our faculty offers postgraduate study opportunities in the areas of Private Law, International Aviation Law, International Maritime Law, and Information Technology Law master programs. The faculty also offers Ph.D. in Private Law. The faculty aims at training graduates who have the knowledge, skills, and characteristics required by legal science, are able to use information and communication technologies, can follow the innovations and developments in the field of law, and can critically approach issues and provide solutions. The Faculty of Law offers an education apt for training legal professionals who believe in the rule of law, can express the values they defend within the framework of the principles of legal training, are strong in communication, are responsible, have ethical values, respect different opinions and act with a consciousness of community service.

The Faculty is directed towards the delivery of effective, reliable legal training that carries national and international qualifications for the purposes of training globally qualified legal professionals.

Law Faculty graduates have a wide spectrum of career choices. Students successfully graduating from the Faculty of Law may pursue career opportunities as lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and notaries. Additionally, they may undertake administrative duties as governors, district governors, inspectors, and specialists. Law as a field of profession offers a wide spectrum of employment opportunities and a prestigious future for graduates.