Business Administration


The purpose of the Bachelor of Business Administration is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills that will ensure immediate employment and prepare them for postgraduate studies. Emphasis is on obtaining administrative, communication skills, and practice of business decision- making process. Administrative skills are transmitted to the student in such a way as to enable it to critical analysis in areas such as business plans, understanding the administrative structures and promoting innovation. Through a comprehensive curriculum, a BBA degree is designed to help you prepare for real-world business administration roles and how to reach smart business conclusions through empirical analysis, such as planning how an organization operates day- to- day to adjusting strategies in the face of ongoing changes and challenges. Graduates holding BBA degrees are well trained to embark on multiple career paths. These programs are designed to prepare scholars for employment positions in the private and public sectors. Employers may hire them as sales managers, department heads, operation managers, human resource managers, cost estimators and various other positions in private and public sectors or graduates may opt to use their skills to become entrepreneurs.



Fundamentals of Business - I

Principles of Management

Fundamentals of Business - II

Business Communication

Business Law

Business Policy

Quantitative Analysis