Bussiness Administration (MBA)


Today’ s conditions require executives from different disciplines such as Business, Engineering and Law to put the theoretical Knowledge that they have gained by following the scientific developments into practice in solving the problems they encounter in their work lives. The purpose of this program is to educate executives who are dynamic, who own analytical thinking, who know how to improve themselves for developing and changing market conditions. Current theory and practice-based course program of the MBA program (with thesis in English) has been designed to educate professional executives who can communicate effectively and who own personal skills, who are keen on social responsibilities and aim at continuous development. Participants of the program take core Business courses in the first two semesters. In the third semester of the program students choose the field they want to be specialized in and take the courses of that specific field. There are two different fields of expertise as entrepreneurship and innovation, and marketing. During the fourth semester the students have to complete a Master' s thesis.


A World-Class MBA

Through collaborative learning and varied engagement with business, our MBA will prepare you for the opportunities and challenges you will face as a strategic business leader. You will gain understanding of: decision making and strategic thinking, achieving success through the approach of strategic leadership in a continuously and rapidly changing environment, the complex nature of the global challenges facing organizations and business today, key concepts and tools of strategic marketing , organization and operations as well as accounting and finance. You will secure an insight as to how international economies and markets work and challenge existing business models while developing innovative strategies for your competitive market.

Admission Requirements

MBA program is open to applicants from all academic backgrounds holding a bachelor degree.

Research Interests

The following is an indicative list of our research interests: positive employee-employer relations, employee development, sustainable development strategies, international marketing, consumer behavior, entrepreneurship, business development services, cognitive styles, human resource management, recruitment and selection, organizational justice, customer satisfaction.