Associate Degree in

Assistant of Lawyer and Certifying Officer


Earn an associate degree in Assistant of Lawyer and Certifying Officer with:

  • Live interactive workshops to facilitate learning
  • Individual/group support through peer reviews, action learning
  • Mentoring from industry professionals
  • Extensive digital library with interactive content
  • Portfolio building to get you job-ready


The Faculty of Law offers an education apt for training legal professionals who believe in the rule of law, can express the values they defend within the framework of the principles of legal training, are strong in communication, are responsible, have ethical values, respect different opinions and act with a consciousness of community service. The Faculty is directed towards the delivery of effective, reliable legal training that carries national and international qualifications for the purposes of training globally qualified legal professionals. Law Faculty graduates have a wide spectrum of career choices. Students successfully graduating from the Faculty of Law may pursue career opportunities as lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and notaries. Additionally, they may undertake administrative duties as governors, district governors, inspectors, and specialists. Law as a field of profession offers a wide spectrum of employment opportunities and a prestigious future for the graduates