Master of

Information Technology Law


Earn a Master’s degree in Information Technology Law with:

  • Live interactive workshops to facilitate learning
  • Individual/group support through peer reviews, action learning
  • Mentoring from industry professionals
  • Extensive digital library with interactive content
  • Portfolio building to get you job-ready

About the Programme

The aims of IT Law are to:

Explore the wealth of legal issues associated with the regulation of cyberspace and the use of ICT systems, particularly in the light of increasing convergence of technologies and offerings;
Consider the impact and limits of markets, community norms, technological restrictions and law, in regulation of the Internet and virtual communities;
Assess the needs of commerce and consumers, citizens and states in respect of private and public transactions on the internet, and the role which is, should and can be played by law; Evaluate the adequacy of existing national, regional, international and alternative rules in cognate areas like cybercrime, cloud computing and online privacy.

Course Code Course Name Credit ECTS  
IAL 101 Aerospace Business and Law 3 6  
IAL102 Aerospace Technology, Security and Privacy 3 6  
IAL103 Astra Politica 3 6  
IAL104 Comparative National Space Law 3 6  
Course Code Course Name Credit ECTS
IAL105 Cybersecurity Law 3 6
 IAL106 International Aviation Finance and Leasing Law 3 6
IAL107 International Space Law 3 6
IAL108 International Telecommunication Law 3 6
IAL 116 Seminar I-II    
Course Code Course Name Credit ECTS  
IAL109 Private International Air Law 3 6  
IAL110 Public International Air Law 3 6  
IAL112 Space Security Law 3 6  
IAL113 National Aviation Law 3 6  
IAL 114 Domestic Space Law 3 6  
IAL115 Master’s Thesis I-III   1