Master of

International Maritime Law


Earn a Master’s degree in International Maritime Law with:

  • Live interactive workshops to facilitate learning
  • Individual/group support through peer reviews, action learning
  • Mentoring from industry professionals
  • Extensive digital library with interactive content
  • Portfolio building to get you job-ready

About the Programme

This course will explore some of the most important issues confronting the international transport sector. This includes topics from the regulatory side, for example touching on environmental and safety issues, as well as those from the commercial perspective such as uniform contract and insurance matters. Topics may engage with either domestic or international law or a combination of both. Topics to be covered by the course are Contracting for carriage. Types of contracts used for transportation. The use of documents such as charter parties, bills of lading, and waybills. The relationship between the carriage and the sale of goods carried. Ancillary transactions such as insurance and banking contracts. Passenger transportation is covered more briefly. The course also gives glimpses of problems of the special law of transport, i.e. the part dealing mainly with the means and ways of transport. This is considered mainly for maritime law and covers such matters as the following: Use of waterways in the light of international and domestic law. Legal aspects of vessels, including nationality, sale, ownership, and management. Finance and security aspects, such as building, sale, lease, and mortgage. Seamen‘s law includes the master‘s role and power. Ship owner’s liability and its limitations, including liability for oil pollution. General average, collision, and salvage. Marine insurance

Course Code Course Name Credit ECTS
IML 502 Marine Insurance Law 3 6
IML504 Shipping Management Legal Regime 3 6
IML509 Legal Regime on Marine Pollution 3 6
IML506 Current Affairs on Maritime 3 6
Course Code Course Name Credit ECTS
IML 515 Dry Cargo-Marine Transportation 3 6
IML 516 World Trade Organisation- Arbitration and Legal Entity 3 6
IML 505 Carriage of Goods by Sea Contracts 3 6
IML 516 Shipbuilding and Ship Sale Contracts 3 6
IML 507 Admiralty Law 3 6
IML 501 Seminar I -II
Course Code Course Name Credit ECTS
IML508 Identification of the Parties under the Rotterdam Rules 3 6
IML 510 Maritime Arbitration 3 6
IML 511 Law of the Sea 3 6
IML 513 The Transport Documents at Sea 3 6
IML512 International Trade Law 3 6
IML 514 Master Thesis I-II   1