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Today’s conditions require executives from different disciplines such as Business, Engineering and Law to put the theoretical Knowledge that they have gained by following the scientific developments into practice in solving the problems they encounter in their work lives.

The purpose of this program is to educate executives who are dynamic, who own analytical thinking, who know how to improve themselves for developing and changing market conditions.

Current theory and practice based course program of the MBA program (with thesis in English) has been designed to educate professional executives who can communicate effectively and who own personal skills, who are keen on social responsibilities and who aim continuous development.

Participants of the program take core Business courses in the first two semesters. In the third semester of the program students choose the field they want to be specialized in and take the courses of that specific field. There are two different fields of expertise as entrepreneurship and innovation, and marketing. During the forth semester the students have to complete a Master's thesis.

Program structure

With Thesis: 30 credits: 10 courses x 3 credits, Thesis

MBA Program Courses

Course codeCourse nameProgramTACTotal
BSNS 501Advanced International BusinessM.B.A.3033
BSNS 502Advanced Marketing ManagementM.B.A.3033
BSNS 503Advanced Human Resources ManagementM.B.A.3033
BSNS 504Managerial AccountingM.B.A.3033
BSNS 505Advanced Strategic ManagementM.B.A.3033
BSNS 506Advanced Business StatisticsM.B.A.3033
BSNS 507Research Methods in BusinessM.B.A.3033
BSNS 508Elective 1M.B.A.3033
BSNS 509Elective 2M.B.A.3033
BSNS 570SeminarM.B.A.0000
BSNS 500ThesisM.B.A.0030



Elective Courses

Course codeCourse nameProgramTACTotal
BSNS 521Managing Innovation and TechnologyM.B.A.3033
BSNS 522Entrepreneurship in ActionM.B.A.3033
BSNS 523Effective Small Business ManagementM.B.A.3033
BSNS 531Consumer BehaviorM.B.A.3033
BSNS 532Advanced Marketing ResearchM.B.A.3033
BSNS 533Digital MarketingM.B.A.3033


BSNS 501 Advanced International Business (3,0)3

Combining theory and practice, this course aims to provide a thorough grounding in advanved international business management in an ever-changing global economy. Designed for students with an undergraduate business degree this course aims to equip with the skills and knowledge to become a flexible, effective manager who can spot market opportunities and drive forward businesses to success in the international arena. The course provides the opportunity to learn more about the external forces which affect business decisions, including but not limited to the influence of external/or market factors such as fall or rise of oil prices or interest rates. The topics cover the issues related to the biggest challenges that businesses face, such as market uncertainties, the management of human resources across markets, doing business in emerging regions, and overseeing complex global supply chains.


BSNS 502 Advanced Marketing Management (3, 0)3
Students acquire the knowledge and skills required to develop, implement, and control successful marketing strategies. Topics include the art of case analysis; consumer behavior; marketing research and competitive analysis; marketing segmentation and position; market entry and pricing; retail selling, private labels, and channels of distribution; marketing communications; Internet marketing; corporate social responsibility and nonprofit marketing; sales management; and international marketing.


BSNS 503 Advanced Human Resources Management (3,0)3

This course examines the role of the Human Resources leader in the development of vision, mission, values, and coherent strategic plans. Students will diagnose their strategic abilities and develop a plan for increasing their personal and team strategic capabilities. Students will also explore the importance of developing a global talent management and metric driven mindset.


BSNS 504 Managerial Accounting (3,0)3

This course teaches the main concepts of managerial accounting and reporting. This information is widely used in making investment decisions, corporate and managerial performance assessment, and valuation of firms. Students perform economics-based analysis of accounting information from the viewpoint of the users of accounting information (especially senior managers) rather than the preparer (the accountant).


BSNS 505 Advanced Strategic Management (3,0)3

This course focuses on some of the important current issues in strategic management. It will concentrate on modern analytical approaches and on enduring successful strategic practices. It is consciously designed with a technological and global outlook since this orientation in many ways highlights the significant emerging trends in strategic management. The course is intended to provide the students with a pragmatic approach that will guide the formulation and implementation of corporate, business, and functional strategies.


BSNS 506 Advanced Business Statistics (3,0)3

A practical managerial approach to advanced simple and multiple regression analysis, with application in finance, economics and business, including a review of probability theory, an introduction to methods of least squares and maximum likelihood estimation, autoregressive forecasting models and analysis of variance.


BSNS 507 Research Methods in Business (3,0)3

The purpose of this course is to introduce approaches to social sciences research where students acquire knowledge on research plans and proposals, research

methods, qualitative methods, questionnaire surveys and design, research practice and survey analysis. Students also utilize the theoretical knowledge via practical sessions in the lab.

The lab sessions consists of data input, frequency and descriptive analyses, cross tabulation, correlational analyses, and regression analyses.


BSNS 521 Managing Innovation and Technology (3,0)3

All technology based organisations need to continually innovate in order to remain competitive. But, innovation by its very nature is high risk. This course explores the challenges, tools and principles involved in managing innovation and technology. On completion of the course students should be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the context of technology and innovation management, innovation types and innovation processes, and strategic technology management.


BSNS 522 Entrepreneurship in Action (3,0)3

The course includes theoretical knowledge and practical activities. Understanding today’s business environment, the ability to manage people and be a good sales person are a cornerstone in this modern and dynamic field. Career prospects for graduates in entrepreneurship are: business manager/administrator or take management for different departments in various companies or organisations, business or financial consultant, research developer, management analyst, franchise owner, project manager and more.


BSNS 523 Effective Small Business Management (3,0)3

This course is geared towards both the eclectic mix of individuals planning to develop and launch their own businesses as well as those with established small business ventures that they would like to expand. The course begins from reviewing the history of small business and identifying a successful entrepreneur's characteristics. The course will then coach the students in some basic business skills, teaching how to write a business plan, launch a new venture, identify market opportunities, create a marketing plan, and finance a business. Finally, the course will also review aspects of building a successful team.


BSNS 531 Consumer Behavior (3,0)3

‘Consumer Behavior’ involves studying the processes a consumer uses to make purchase decisions, to dispose of purchased goods or services and study the factors that influence purchase decisions and the use of products. We will discuss in details about some important topics, like: Types of Consumers, Role of Consumer Behavior in Loyalty, Model of Consumer Behavior, Steps of Decision-Making Process, How to Reduce Cognitive Dissonance, Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior, Role of Consumer Behavior & Value Drivers.


BSNS 532 Advanced Marketing Research (3,0)3

This course is directed at students interested in quantitative methods of marketing research. The aim of this course is to explore multivariate techniques used in modern marketing practice. Emphasis will be placed on case studies of marketing practice and on the practical application of the methods discussed. Topics to be drawn from: analysis of variance; regression analysis; principal components analysis; discriminant analysis; canonical correlation analysis; factor analysis; cluster analysis; multi-dimensional scaling; conjoint analysis.


BSNS 533 Digital Marketing (3,0)3

On this course the students will explore what digital marketing is, why it is important and look at some digital marketing strategies including display advertising, pay per click advertising, search engine optimisation and email marketing. Finally, the students will undersdtand the importance of balancing and integrating different digital marketing strategies and how companies target customers.

Addmission Documents.


  • Bachalor degree diploma (original or certified copy)
  • 12 document-style photos.
  • Identification card (original or certified copy)
  • Resident document
  • Police report
  • Application form filled in                                                               
  • Military service document
  • Bank recept


Note1: Foreigners also must provide health report.

Note2. Turkish citizens,except Turkish Cypriots must submit ALES exam result that must be no less than 55

9 courses (210 Euro each) + Free Seminar Course + Thesis fee: 600 Euro + 5% VAT
Total: 2,610 Euro

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