Technology -MBA


Earn a Tech MBA degree with:

  • Live interactive workshops to facilitate learning
  • Individual/group support through peer reviews, action learning
  • Mentoring from industry professionals
  • Extensive digital library with interactive content
  • Portfolio building to get you job-ready


Tech MBA is designed to deepen your foundation in business and expand your knowledge of technology. With its four major curricula, Business Core, the technology Core, Stern Solution and elective core, it aims to build broad knowledge in fundamental areas of business with courses like Leadership, Marketing, Accounting, and Strategy and deepening into the tech industry with courses like Technical Product Management, Emerging Technologies, Business Analytics, and  DevOps and Software Engineering. Stern Solutions aims at tapping into the heart of the global business ecosystem and solving a range of real-world problems at the intersection of business and technology which helps students build a portfolio of skill sets, relationships and experiences that serve as the foundation for successful careers. Finally, the  Elective core aims at Exploring a specific functional area or taking courses in their own area of interest.


Compulsory Courses
Course Code Course Name ECTS
NCC 5000 Financial Accounting 3
NCC 5020 Microeconomics for Management 3
NCC 5030 Marketing Management 3
NCC 5040 Leading Teams 3
NCC 5050 Critical & Strategic Thinking 3
NCC 5060 Managerial Finance 3
NCC 5090 Strategy 3
NCC 5010 Data Analytics & Modeling 3
NCC 5080 Operations Management 3
Total No. of Core Credits Completed 9
Required Tech Courses (18.5 credits)  
Course Course Name 3
NBA 5700 Core Team Practicum 3
NBA 6550 Business Data Analysis with SQL 3
NBAY 5300 Entrepreneurial Finance 3
NBAY 6090 Digital Marketing 3
TECH 5300 Fundamentals of Modern Software 3